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How to protect your wordpress sites from hackers

Internet is growing virtual world of domains, information and those who in any way want to harm the owners of websites. Many of WordPress blog or site owners was hacked by hackers who want to take a benefit from honest website owners in any possible way.
Today is no longer question, “if” you’ll get hacked, but “when!”
My experience with hackers was somewhere year ago, when I come to my website and find everything written in some kind of Arabic font. Believe me, I was shocked. Thanks to my friend who know how to fix this problem, my website was quickly corrected.

So, if you want to know how to protect your WordPress sites from hackers, keep on reading!

Few days ago I find one video how to protect your website from hackers and I decide to share with you 3 simple solution to protect your websites from hackers.
You can protect your website with using 3 free plugins.

Stop HackersHow can you install those plugins?

It’s really simple. If you have install some other plugins to your WordPress blog, you wil know how to do it.
You just simply log-in to WordPress dashboard ( )
Then you find »plugins«, click on »add new« and type the name of the plugin (Limit Login Attempts) click on »Search Plugins«.
Find the plugin that you want to install and click on »Install Now«, click »OK«.
After that you click on »Activate Plugin« and you are done.
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Limit Log-in Attempts:

This Plugin prevent hackers to log-in into your WordPress Dashboard more than 4 times (default). You can change in settings section limits of retries.
After that this plugin will lockout the hacker for 20 minutes (default), after that time if hacker want to log-in again without the success than he will be lockout for 24 hours.
You can change the settings.
You can also get an email every time someone want to hacked your website.

Secure WordPress:

This plugin remove data of your WordPress. So hacker can’t find the version of your WordPress, updates, Removes error-information and a lot more information which could help hacker to get inside.
It means that using this plugin, hackers can’t use any loopholes of WordPress to hack your website, because they can’t find which version of WordPress you use.

WordPress firewall 2:

It’s a great security plugin which monitors web requests to identify and stop the most obvious attacks.
You can also add your email address to get reports about attacks on your website and add whitelisted IP address as well.

Create unique password to protect from hackers:

When you install WordPress you must create »User Name« and »Password«
NEVER!!! use »ADMIN« for user name! Because hackers always try this user name first.
When you considering which Password you will use, maybe this FREE tool will help you to create best password for your protection against hackers.
Secure Password Generator
This FREE tool will generate random passwords for you which are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack . You can choose many different options to create unique passwords.
Options that you have to create your unique passwords:

Password lenght: (4-64 chars)
Show Phonetics: (e.g. Alpha – Bravo – Charlie)
Include Letters: (e.g. abcdef)
Include Mixed Case: (e.g. AbcDEf)
Include Numbers: (e.g. a9b8c7d)
Include Punctuation: (e.g. a9b8c7d)
No similar characters: ( e.g. i, l, o, 1, 0, I)
Quantity: (1-50 Passwords)
More chosen options, means more security password.

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To find even more help to save and How to  protect your WordPress sites from hackers, GO HERE!



Aquarium Coffee Table

Timeless Aquarium Coffee Tables

The hobby of maintaining and take care of Aquarium is very popular by individuals whether young or old. With combination of plants, rocks or corals and other decorations for aquariums, you can get a beautiful place where you can rest your eyes and clear your mind by watching how calm and carelessly fish swimming in it.
Oval Aquarium coffee tableAquariums can be entertaining and educational, especially for younger enthusiast.
Nowadays you can go one step further and get a Aquarium Coffee Table.
Aquarium coffee table makes every room special. You can put this table in the middle of a living room or in reception area of your office.
Aquarium coffee table gives a special look into any room no matter how is room decorated.

This kind of coffee table is also good solution for those who don’t have enough space for regular aquarium and take the opportunity to combine table and aquarium together.
Usually you get whole system with pump, lighting, extension cord, decorative plants and two-stage submersible filter pump. So you just fill fish tank with water, add some plants and decoration, few fish or turtles, and truly art in motion can begin.
Ever-changing aquatic world readily creates a relaxing atmosphere while offering everyday utility.

Square Aquarium Coffee TableSquare Aquarium Coffee Table

Square Aquarium Coffee Table is more frequently preferred from aquarium enthusiast which don’t have enough space to have aquarium and coffee table.
This aquarium coffee table is perfect solution because it combine a coffee table and aquarium, which gives special look and feel.
Innovative and attractive appearance of this liquid luxury with ever-changing aquatic habitat gives to a room not only special but also relaxing and calming atmosphere.
A black acrylic pedestal gives this table stability, illuminated from below through bed of blue glass gravel cause to even more unique look of this Square Aquarium coffee Table.
A set of square aquarium coffee table usually includes a pump, lightning, an extension cord, few decorative plants and two-stage submersible air pump.
If you are an aquarium enthusiast and you want to have at home a gorgeous art in motion then you must have Aquarium Coffee Table

To find out more about this great and relaxing piece of furniture, GO HERE!


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