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Catwoman Halloween costumes

The catwoman made her first appearance as the adversary of the popular comic book superhero batman. Since then we have seen many versions of Catwoman. Her costumes have evolved over the last few decades starting with a minimalistic look to the modern high-tech look that she has now. Therefore, this costumes have fascinated girls and Catwoman Halloween dresses have always been a favorite among them.

Catwoman HalloweenThe most eye-catching component of this sexy looking dress is the cat-mask which comes in various designs and endows a real feline look to the costume. Some costumes also carry a hood with ears, which give the appearance of a cat. In 1960’s, green color was typical to this dresses, which gave it a villainous look; however, the color then changed to purple in the 90’s. Nowadays, the most popular version of Catwoman halloween costume remains the PVC cat suit. May girls today love to dress themselves in this skin tight PVC costume for fancy dress competitions or for Halloween. What gives a real high-tech look to these costumes is the infra red pair of goggles that are worn over the cowl. If you are the one who wants to look villainous, athletic, independent and powerful this Halloween, Catwoman Halloween costume is the perfect match for you.

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Boy’s Batman costume

Of all the popular comic book superheroes, Batman has been a favorite among kids since decades. What is most fascinating about this iconic superhero is his costume, which is designed in a way that it conceals his identity as well as intimidates the criminals. It is owing to his costume that the Batman is also known as the cape crusader, and it speaks aloud of his crime fighting adventures.

Boy’s Batman costume

It would be any boy’s dream to dress up like his favorite comic book superhero. A Batman costume consists of a tight fitting body suit with contrasting briefs worn over the suit. However, it is the embellished cape that makes the Batman costume standout from the rest. Other prominent parts of the Batman costume are the bat-like cowl, boots and a pair of gloves with blades on the sides. They all arm the Batman with weapons to fight evil.

Batman’s cowl, cape, gloves, and boots come in either black or blue color. To make the costume look three dimensional, the black suit is normally highlighted with blue color. What provides a striking contrast of color in the costume is the yellow utility belt. Various versions of boy’s Batman costumes are available which can make your boy stand out at the next Halloween or fancy dress competition.

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