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Cute Hello Kitty Halloween costumes

Since 1975 Hello Kitty has been an icon of Japanese culture the world over. The show’s fun, youthful atmosphere has been popularized in media for the last two decades. Though the demographic for Hello Kitty is geared towards a younger audience the show and it’s associated culture transcend demographics all the way through adulthood for some. The typical pink is cute motif works very well for Hello Kitty and her fans, so well in fact that it’s spawned a ton of brilliant merchandise including Halloween costumes. Here are just a few things you should consider before deciding that Hello Kitty is what you really want to be. Longtime fan or not.

 hello kitty Halloween costumes for girls

Hello Kitty Halloween costumes like it’s audience are largely varied. On the younger spectrum you have the literal Hello Kitty suit with the bow. When it comes to teenagers and their fashion of those Halloween costumes tend to be less of a suit and more of a themed dress. On the more adult spectrum It goes from being a modest dance dress to something slightly more adult and sexual, akin to though not as revealing as lingerie and some additional accessories like Hello Kitties signature hair bow and cat ears. Whatever your costume selection, Hello Kitty also has friends which allows to coordinate with fellow party goers or younger candy enthusiasts making a fun time for ladies of all ages and their Hello Kitty fixation.

 Hello Kitty Halloween Costumes for adults

A quick internet search will yield to you a vast amount of Hello Kitty Halloween costumes. Some made by the more generic costume makers that could easily be found at a drug or department store while others are home made, hand crafted works of art that will give you the edge in a costume contest or make you the envy of all of your friends. The price like the costumes are also highly varied with some being as cheap as $24 with others exceeding well over $50. Be it you need a quick solution to your lack of a costume or your incredible enthusiasm towards the franchise. It’s quite hard to go wrong with a Hello Kitty costume.

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The Ghost Rider Halloween Costumes

Do you want to have a unique Halloween Costume this October 31st? Maybe you just want to make a big splash at the office party this year. Whatever the case, the Ghost Rider Halloween Costumes available online are sure to set the wearer apart from the crowd.

Adult ghost rider Halloween costume

These Halloween Costumes are realistic in appearance, affordable in price and unique enough to not be played out on All Hallows Eve.

A hugely popular comic book series and recent movie interpretation of Ghost Rider (the one with Nicholas Cage as the leading actor) will make the Ghost Rider Halloween Costumes a hit with a wide range of fans, from moviegoers to hardcore fans of the comic series. The character first made his debut in the comic series in the early 1970s, and the filmic adaptation was released in the late 2000’s. Kids Ghost Rider Halloween CostumeThis means that whichever Ghost Rider a particular costume best represents will be sure to have a receptive audience at your Halloween function.

Finally, the Ghost Rider Halloween Costumes for sale on a wide variety of websites are very affordable. Many come complete with a mask, faux-leather jacket, and black gauntlets, so you won’t have to worry about finding the matching articles of clothing at a thrift store. Without a doubt, these costumes will be some of the most popular this Halloween season, but are unique enough to let the wearer stand out from the run-of-the-mill.

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Flintstones Halloween Costumes

Flintstones Halloween Costumes can be fun, retro, and cute for all ages. The Flintstones was a popular animated sitcom that aired during the 60’s, and remained popular for many decades after. The characters were memorable, with interesting outfits that can make great Halloween costumes. The main characters were Fred and his wife Wilma, and their child Pebbles, Barney and his wife Betty, and their child Bam-Bam, Dino the dinosaur, and The Great Gazoo, a green, floating alien.

 Adult Flintstones Halloween costumes

The show took place in pre-historic times, so the characters wore clothing that one would imagine a caveman wearing. Fred wore an orange outfit with black spots and a blue tie. He had black hair, and stubble, while Barney wore brown and had blonde hair. Wilma wore a white dress with one shoulder strap, and white pearls, while Betty wore a blue dress with a black necklace. These costumes would be perfect for adults at Halloween. The children, on the other hand, can dress up as Pebbles and Bam-Bam.

Flintstones Halloween costumes for kids

Dino was a purple dinosaur with spots, which could also make for a fun and unique costume. The Flintstones characters still remain popular today, and Halloween costumes should be available on costume websites, or from a catalog. You can even impress your friends by making your own Flintstones Halloween costume. There are plenty of ideas available online.

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Best Angry Birds Halloween Costumes For whole family

Popularity of Angry Birds Halloween Costumes

The Angry Birds Halloween Costumes are a good idea for any video game or pop culture lover. The Angry Birds is a popular app for mobile devices, where the player has to launch small, colored birds into towers, knocking them down and killing the evil pigs inside the towers. This is an extremely popular game right now, and an Angry Birds themed Halloween Costume is a fun idea for both kids and adults.

Angry Birds Halloween Costumes

Angry Birds Icon Costume

The most iconic and well-known character from the game is a round, red and white bird. There is also a yellow bird, in a triangular shape. The pigs from the game are green and round, and they wear a yellow crown. Any of these characters could make good Angry Birds Halloween Costume, depending on your taste, and how detailed you would like your costume to be.

Angry Birds themed Halloween Costume

How to get an Angry Bird Themed Costume for Halloween?

The best idea when thinking about your Halloween Costume is to look online in costume websites, or in mail-order catalogs. If you’re thinking about making your own costume, check online for sewing patterns, general ideas, and tips and tricks. Angry Birds is at the height of it’s popularity, and an Angry Birds Themed Halloween Costume would be a perfect idea for your Halloween Costume this year!

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Enjoy and have great Halloween Party!

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Best Smurfs Halooween Costumes

Smurfs Costumes For Halloween

Halloween is near and costumes are popular subject to searching for.
Of course, you can find Smurf Costumes for Adults and kids but also for your pets.
Enjoy in Halloween time dressed in gorgeous costumes of Smurfs.

Smurf Costumes for adults

Smurfs Halloween Costumes can be an easy way to spice up your Halloween experience. The Smurfs was a television show that ran during the 80’s. The show focused on the everyday lives of small blue creatures that lived in the woods. They were called smurfs. The Smurfs was a popular series, and was recently made into a computer animated film. A Smurf Costume at Halloween can be fun, sexy or unique, and can be relatively cheap and easy to make.

Smurfs Halloween Costumes for whole family

Smurfette costume

Smurfette, the only female smurf that is known, wears a white dress and a white hat. She has long, blonde hair, and is often considered a good idea if you’d like a “sexy” costume. Smurfette Costumes could be found for purchase on most costume websites, or through a Catalogue, though making your own smurfs costume could be fun and cost-effective.
Smurfette Hallowen Costume is very popular by little girls, but also mums.

Papa Smurf Costumes

Since the smurfs were blue, a simple blue face or body paint is your first step into transforming yourself into a smurf. You can look on the internet for ideas. All the smurfs wore white hats with points on the top, except for the leader, Papa Smurf, who wore red and had a bushy white beard. All the smurfs also wore white pants. Papa Smurf costume is one of the favorite for dads.

Smurfs are lovely creatures that older members of your family brings back good memories. Your children love them too. So there is no question about if it be nice for your family if you all get Smurfs Halloween costumes this year.

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