Dartboard as a Birth Day gift

As a Birth Day gift, Electronic board for darts is one of the best gifts that you can give to your kid or friend. It’s very joyful game, for all ages. However, it’s not just a game, but also a bit of growth in the physical and mental part of life.

electronic dart board cabinetWhat do you need for this game?

For a start is enough to have a dartboard and a set of darts. But, it’s nice to have at least two sets of darts. No matter which dartboard you have, there is always great to have some spare darts beside one that you use for play.

This way, the game will flow smoothly and it’s less stress for next player to wait for its turn.

How to choose the right dartboard?

As first, it depends on how old the person is. If you want to surprise a kid, it’s definitely good to get him or her the magnetic dartboard, with the magnetic darts.

Those are the safest for use, and kids can play with it without a fear that someone will get hurt. But still, using this to spend a quality time with your kids is an awesome way to do so.

magnetic dart board for kids

The advantage of these is because it’s safe and portable, so you can take it on the trip with you on vacation.

Electronic dartboard for soft tip darts is for older kids and grown-ups. Anyway, even if your kids are a teenager, you should be with them or at least one of the adult.

Even if darts have a plastic, so-called soft tips, they can hurt a person.

These darts will do less damage on the walls if you miss the whole target area.

The advantage is because the electronic dartboard offer preprogrammed games as well as it will count the scores for you. This will help you through the games you’ll play.

Dartboards for steel tip darts are for adults. Steel tip darts are sharp and are not suitable for kids play. If you miss the whole target area, it will do some damage on the wall, if you don’t have any protection on it.

The advantage of those is in the price. Usually cost less than the electronic one, but still, those offers more fun than dartboard for steel tip darts.

Which one for whom?

For kids, definitely the magnetic one. For teenagers and adults is the recommended electronic board for darts. If you want to surprise one of your friends which is an adult, you can bring back the memories with dart board for steel-tipped darts.

I hope that I help you to clarify which board for darts you will choose, but generally, all of them are great and fun.

If you ask me, this is a perfect for a birthday gift.

To find out more, please visit www.dartslord.com

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