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212 Perfumes By Carolina Herrera

212 Perfumes By Carolina Herrera are designed by Carolina Herrera a fashion designer and entrepreneur who founded her company in 1980. 212 perfume has got an enchanting  fragrance which is richly feminine , gentle , sensual , soft and most importantly fresh. The fragrance has clean citrus notes attached to it with a bit of spice which adds to the 212 perfumes  uniqueness. Equivalent to the scent produced from a bunch of different exotic scented flowers so does the composition of  212. 212 for womenThe perfumes classic notes distinguishably are cactus, mandarin orange and orange blossom apart from other notes that seem fabulous and stand out .

212 settles down in your mind so beautifully and the fragrance will linger for a long time like a scented blooming flower. The floral fragrance is extremely sexy and feminine. The clothes on which it is sprayed retains the fragrance for a long time and keeps your presence felt by a crowd. 212 Perfumes By Carolina Herrera has a fresh and musky fragrance that is intended for everyday use. 212 for menLike the flower which retains its beauty and fragrance all day long so does the 212 create  the same magic on you with a lasting effect on the people surrounding you longing to be near you and your friendship. It can be used for all occasions and suits any weather. Whether it is day or night 212 perfumes effect puts everything right.

212 perfumes creates such an effect on the wearer which is quite subtle and divine that most of them experience a form of sensual pleasure. Keeping you refreshed all day long it can give you that blissful breath even at times of highest exhaustion. Designed with the utmost care the notes are a perfect blend which creates an atmosphere so wonderful that only the wearer can describe. 212 perfumes is suited for all ages and is a must try for women.

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