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Color of healing bowls

Colored Crystal singing bowls are meant to be played as instrument, healing bowl and accessory for meditation and yoga. Even though, they are colored healing bowls, still they looks great furniture accessory as well.

chakra-fasceWhy colored crystal singing bowls exist?

Those are almost the same as the frosted crystal singing bowls, only difference is in color. Frosted crystal healing bowls are white, colored are in the same color as the Chakra that it is connected to.
The main reason of colors lies in color itself. So you can easily find which chakra you can heal or balance with it.

How can you enjoy in playing these healing bowls even more?

Even though, that these bowls have nice looking colors, you can rise them up with small candle inside. If you reduce the light in the room or you play them outside, when sun is slowly “say good bye” ti the day, with small tea candle inside the bowl it will glow its color around the place.

This will give even more power to atmosphere, who knows, maybe you can relax faster this way.

SINGING BOWLS color elements2

Where can you find Colored singing bowls for sale?

Usually many of websites will point you to some online store. But if you are like me, you should know more about these gorgeous crystal singing bowls.

So I highly recommend you to visit this unique website with lot of good quality content and lot of useful information.
There you’ll also find a way how you can get those for you or as a present for your loved ones.

So check it out with simple click on Colored Crystal singing bowls for sale.

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