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Cute Hello Kitty Halloween costumes

Since 1975 Hello Kitty has been an icon of Japanese culture the world over. The show’s fun, youthful atmosphere has been popularized in media for the last two decades. Though the demographic for Hello Kitty is geared towards a younger audience the show and it’s associated culture transcend demographics all the way through adulthood for some. The typical pink is cute motif works very well for Hello Kitty and her fans, so well in fact that it’s spawned a ton of brilliant merchandise including Halloween costumes. Here are just a few things you should consider before deciding that Hello Kitty is what you really want to be. Longtime fan or not.

 hello kitty Halloween costumes for girls

Hello Kitty Halloween costumes like it’s audience are largely varied. On the younger spectrum you have the literal Hello Kitty suit with the bow. When it comes to teenagers and their fashion of those Halloween costumes tend to be less of a suit and more of a themed dress. On the more adult spectrum It goes from being a modest dance dress to something slightly more adult and sexual, akin to though not as revealing as lingerie and some additional accessories like Hello Kitties signature hair bow and cat ears. Whatever your costume selection, Hello Kitty also has friends which allows to coordinate with fellow party goers or younger candy enthusiasts making a fun time for ladies of all ages and their Hello Kitty fixation.

 Hello Kitty Halloween Costumes for adults

A quick internet search will yield to you a vast amount of Hello Kitty Halloween costumes. Some made by the more generic costume makers that could easily be found at a drug or department store while others are home made, hand crafted works of art that will give you the edge in a costume contest or make you the envy of all of your friends. The price like the costumes are also highly varied with some being as cheap as $24 with others exceeding well over $50. Be it you need a quick solution to your lack of a costume or your incredible enthusiasm towards the franchise. It’s quite hard to go wrong with a Hello Kitty costume.

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