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How to choose healing bowls for yourself

Among healing instruments, singing bowls for sale are most searchable items. They are nice looking bowls and every single one of them is unique and special.

Singing bowls for sale metalThere are three basic types of singing bowls for sale:

  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • Frosted crystal singing bowls
  • Colored crystal singing bowls

Which one you should choose?

Tibetan singing bowls for sale are most common choice among those who already know what they are doing. Even though, this is serious healing instruments, some of people have some of these bowls at home, even if the have no idea what they can do with it. So they use it as items on shelves and decoration in their rooms.

Frosted crystal singing bowls for sale are second choice you have. If you don’t like metal stuff, you should think about getting one of these healing bowls. They also make great pure sounds and vibrations as well.

Colored crystal singing bowls are for those who just start to use healing bowls as well as for professionals. They all look great and with its colors can give to space even more relaxing atmosphere.

So which one you should choose?

If you are beginner, you can start with any type. If you are familiar with using healing bowls you don’t have any problems to pick one that fits best for you.

My friend, which using these bowls for a long time now, tells me, that you don’t choose your bowl, bowl will choose you.

Yes, I was shocked as well, but soon I realize, that she’s right. On this planet, all that you get, in some way attract you. So things choose you. You are just passenger through time, which pick them up.

Think about what you like most. Which material or colors attract you most. Soon you’ll realize that you can very easy find one that is just perfect for you among all of singing bowls for sale.

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This you should know about Tibetan singing bowls

Tibetan singing bowls are unique musical instruments, that produce more than just one sound. Its uniqueness is also in healing power of resonance that it can invoke. These are healing bowls with rich history and beauty that is timeless.

Few words about Tibetan singing bowls for sale

Tibetan Singing bowlsfor saleFist of all, you should know that every Tibetan singing bowl for sale that you wanna get is tuned for one chakra.
This means that with one bowl you can balance and heal one chakra. If you want to balance energy of all 7 chakras, you should get a Tibetan singing bowl set.

What you get whitin Tibetan singing bowl set

These sets includes 7 tibetan singing bowls, at least one mallet or stroker and usually some ring cushion. Every bowl is tuned to “connect” to its own chakra.
This means, that with certain bowl you can rebalance one chakra.

These items are not only good for making sounds, but also beautiful accessories for every room. Its healing power is used all around the world, so there is no wonder why so many people searching for Tibetan singing bowls for sale.

How to play Tibetan singing bowls?

Smaller bowls,seven inches and under, you should hold on your fingertips. Bigger healing bowls you shoud hold on the palm of the left hand, but finger tips should remain open, not to hold the bowl.

Grasp the mallet somewhere in the middle of the lenght with all fingertips, that pointing downwards and touch the wooden part. If you use padded mallets, the wool should be on top.

To »warm-up« the bowl, gently tap the mallet against the bowl from the side.

Rub the mallet around the outside edge of the bowl rim – clockwise. Do it with full arm movement. Don’t do it with wrist, but with full arm. Iagine that you stirring a big kettle of soup.

So you can enjoy in powerful pure sound that will relax you and balance the energy in the space.

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