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What you may need in toilet

Toilet room is unique place, where everyone is its own master. This is the place, where you can feel like you are the King. All you have to do, is get the toilet accessories, that makes you feel like one.

Every style of toilet, have its own way to implement accessories, that fits best into that place. Most of toilet accessories, you can find in three main materials. These are wood, plastic and metal.

heated toilet seat with remote controllerIn my home, is most of the items made from plastic. Even though I love wood, the only item from this material is white wooden toilet seat.

Only reason for that is, because the wood is warmer than plastic. I guess, you are lik me, I hate cold toilet seat.

In future, I planed to get one of heated toilet seats. So I’ll be the real king on my toilet throne.

If you want luxury in your toilet, you should get one too. If you want even more, get  heated toilet seat with remote controller. These usually have option of »wash and dry«. It’s really all you can get for your toilet.

toilet brush with holderIf you want to save money with toilet paper, you have two options. Either you get bulk toilet paper, or toilet paper dispenser.

Toilet plunger is another item, which is very handy in bad times of clogged toilet. It will help you a lot, even if you’ll need only once per few years, is always good to have it in the reach of your hands.

Beside plunger, you also must have toilet brush. With this, you can clean toilet after “No.2”. You can also get it with holder and plunger in some kind of combo.

Toilet paper holder is must have toilet accessory, whish prevent you to loose whole roll of toilet paper.

Imagine that you hold the roll in your hands and it falls o the floor and roll away from you. Hilarious, but not when you are the one who need toilet paper, right?

Those are basic toilet accessories, which rise up the comfort of your life. Of course, there are more such items that you can use in toilet room.

To find out more about those, click on toilet accessories.

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